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Tuiss SmartView Support / FAQ

How long can I expect the battery to last in my blind?

Battery life for a SmartView Blind depends on the size of your blind, amount of daily timers and frequency of use. In general the built-in batteries, fully charged, will last between 5 and 6 months before they need to be charged again.

Note: Due to transport regulations, the Li-ion batteries of your newly installed SmartView blind are not fully charged. We recommend that you charge your blind before first use.

How do I charge the battery?

Refer to our quick-start guide for information on how to charge the battery.

How long will it take for the battery to charge?

When the batteries are fully depleted, charging can take up to around 4 hours. The LED light on the charger plug is red during charging and will change to green when the batteries are fully charged. Disconnect and remove the charger when the batteries are charged.

Do I need to wire anything in?

Nothing at all. SmartView Blinds have built-in Lithium-ion batteries and operate independently of an external power source. You will need to plug the charger into your blind from time to time, but even if you don't have a plug socket nearby you can always use an extension cable.

Do SmartView Blinds need an internet connection to operate?

Yes, an internet connection is required to use certain functions within the SmartView app, like loading your account settings, operating your blinds and creating scenes or timers. Once any timers are created and synchronised they are stored in the motor's memory, so they'll work autonomously and won't require an internet connection.

Can I operate my SmartView blinds outside my home?

Operating individual blinds from outside your home usually won't work as the Bluetooth connection required has a limited range, but if you create scenes in the SmartView app and assign timers to them then those will function automatically even when you aren't at home.

How much does the SmartView App cost?

Nothing at all! The app is a free download from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, and there are no in-app purchases or additional costs to download and use the app.

Which devices and mobile platforms are compatible with the SmartView App?

The app is available for Apple® iOS (running version 12.3 and newer) and Android™ (running version 7.0 and newer) mobile devices.

Do I need an internet connection to set up the SmartView App?

When creating an account, an internet connection is used to backup all your settings and allows you to share and use your account on another mobile device.

How many blinds can I control with the App?

You can assign up to 5 blinds per room and create a maximum of 8 rooms.

What are Scenes and Timers?

A scene in a room is a group of blinds each adjusted to the exact position that you want. Activate that scene with a touch from the home screen, and all of the blinds in the scene will automatically move to their set positions. Use scenes to meet different light and privacy needs throughout the day. You can assign a timer to each of your scenes so that they activate automatically at a time of your choosing, set to repeat on whichever days you want, whether you're at home or not.

Can I operate my SmartView Blinds from my home automation system?

SmartView Blinds cannot currently be integrated into home automations.

Can I operate my SmartView Blinds with voice control?

Yes! On Apple® iOS mobile devices, SmartView Blinds can be operated by using Siri Shortcuts. Shortcuts can be configured in the SmartView app or by using the Shortcuts app on your phone.

Why does the 'Battery check' message remain on the home screen?

The warning sign on the 'battery check' button will appear each time you add a new blind, as a reminder to check its battery level. Just tap the button to do a battery check and make the warning sign disappear. If the message appears at any other time, this means that one or more of your blinds has a low or empty battery. Tap the button to discover which blind it is so that you can get it plugged in and charged.

How do I assign a SmartView remote to a blind?

A remote can be assigned to a blind by following a step-by-step guide in the SmartView app. Go Settings > Blinds overview > Blind settings. Press 'add remote' and follow the step-by-step guide.

How many blinds can I operate using the remote?

The SmartView remote can operate up to 16 blinds, either individually using the different channels or all together using the group channel.

How far away from the blinds can I be when operating them from the remote?

Much like when using the app to control the blinds from your phone, operational distance will vary based on how your home is constructed. Thicker walls and denser building materials will reduce the distance the remote's signal can travel. Generally speaking we recommend using one remote per room.

How many remotes can I pair to a blind?

A maximum of 10 remotes can be paired to each SmartView blind, although you're unlikely to ever need to pair more than one remote to a blind.

How long does the battery last in my remote?

Battery life will vary based on usage. For normal use, the remote batteries will last 5 years or longer.

How do I add a blind to the App?

Adding a blind is done by scanning a QR code (Blind ID) in the App. The Blind ID is unique for each SmartView blind and can be found on the back of the SmartView label. Follow the procedure in the App to add a new SmartView Blind.

How do I add a Scene with a Timer?

From the home screen in the SmartView app, tap the "+Add scene" button in a room and follow the instructions. When a scene has been created, a timer can be added immediately or added later by going to "Settings" > "Scenes" and selecting the scene you want the timer to be added to.

How can I adjust the upper and lower limits of my blind?

Setting new upper and lower limits can be done by following a step-by-step guide in the SmartView App. Go to "Settings" > "Blinds overview" > "Blind settings" > "Advanced". Press Set new limits and follow the instructions. Pay attention and observe the blind at all times.

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